Our team

Our team consists of approximately 1,200 dedicated employees, who are constantly evolving in order to offer you an optimal level of service.


Our team consists of approximately 1,200 dedicated employees, of which 800 are fully engaged in various operational activities related to inbound/outbound customer service, phone sales, order fulfillment, chat and social media networking and support, as well as Back Office processes.
Through our representatives we offer a wide range of solutions designed to implement and manage the activities of an external call center, according to the needs and business objectives of each customer.

Management Team

In addition, the management team has on average over 8 years of experience in call center activities that operate with absolute success.
They will take responsibility to ensure and guarantee efficiency in all your business activities, manage the organization’s day-to-day responsibilities-duties for the completion of all important tasks, following our certified guidelines and best practices that have made us one of the most reliable professional call center service providers.

Training and Quality Team

Finally, our training and quality team is dedicated to the development of our staff and consequently to the quality of the services we offer to our customers. For this purpose, the company implements a comprehensive training and retraining program for all representatives, to ensure all desired high levels of quality are observed. The need for training arises through the formal evaluation process, which is closely linked to a well-designed reward system. The support staff, such as project managers, the Back Office department, the sales and customer service departments, the IT and human resources and training departments, ensure that complete, high-quality services are provided, initially to the end customers and consequently to our customers.

Our Leadership Team

Alexandros Skarlos

Executive Director ICAP Contact Center

Ioannis Mprikas

Operations Senior Manager

Vlassis Lyras

Operations Senior Manager

Maria Kesidou

Operations Manager

Matoula Kostopoulou

Senior Sales Consultant