We serve companies and organizations from all industries and work with them to create lasting value. Indicative list of areas of specialization:


At ICAP Contact Center, we offer a wide range of services, with exceptional efficiency and added value in the field of telecommunications. Our multiple years of experience and expertise in advanced technologies, such as 5G, allows us to offer advanced solutions that reflect contemporary market demands. Our multi-channel approach includes social media, voice, chat, video, and email services, positioning us as your strategic partner with the required results, reduced operating costs, cutting-edge technologies, increased customer satisfaction, growth, and success.


Our knowledge and experience in banking call center services makes us unique in this industry.

Our specialized representatives, fully informed about your products and services, offer personalized solutions ensuring effective sales, satisfied customers, cost reduction and your increased competitiveness.

Insurance and Energy

Our call center representatives are highly qualified in matters related to the Insurance industry and Energy, offering comprehensive solutions to our customers. Whether it's auto, health, life insurance, or energy supply issues, we respond to your needs with professionalism and trust. Our knowledge, experience and strong technical capabilities allow us to provide the best possible result to achieve and exceed our partners’ required goals and expectations at a significantly low cost.

Utilities (Public and Private)

ICAP Contact Center can offer the technological level demanded by the global environment in every advanced and developed country. Our knowledge and experience will lead either a public or a private utility company to an easy, reliable, fast, accurate and successful partner across the entire range of services provided. In addition, we can work effectively on any complex management requirement, provide unique customer experience, fulfill the expectations of both customers and partners, and enhance customer loyalty levels.

Retail and E-Shop

We offer innovative, contemporary, and dynamic ideas that correspond with our partners’ business needs. With long-term partnerships with numerous e-commerce organizations and deep knowledge of customer needs in these industries, we provide a wide range of omnichannel services. With us, you can achieve optimal results for your business, both operationally and financially, offering a unique experience to your customers.