Inbound operations

We serve a multitude of incoming call center functions achieving effective service and customer satisfaction.

Customer Care Activities

At ICAP Contact Center, we invest in customer service call center activities that enhance your corporate reputation and improve your customer’s satisfaction. Whether it's technical support, product/service inquiries or troubleshooting, we are here to serve your customer’s every need with absolute dedication and professionalism.

We offer customized VoIP solutions including IVR technology for automatic call distribution and routing, call waiting queue, operating 24/7.

Technical Support

Our call center provides telephone support services for every technical need your customers have. We offer 24/7 technical support, providing customized solutions and creating unique approaches for every call. We focus on in-depth training and understanding of your support processes, aiming to maximize the effectiveness of each communication. We help increase productivity, maximize first call resolution and NPS, upgrade solutions for your customers and reduce your callback rate and, consequently, your expenses by helping you achieve economies of scale.

Order taking

Our specialized call center team stands out for its order management skill, offering upgraded high-level services. We cover every aspect of an order's lifecycle, from registration and fulfillment to after-sales services. Using advanced methods and tools, we carefully monitor every stage of the process. This facilitates an efficient and effective workflow, ensuring that each order is processed professionally and reliably.


The online store support services that we offer takes your customers' shopping experience to new levels. Our specialized agents use advanced tools and expertise to ensure that every purchase progresses into an efficient and enjoyable process. With their help, your online store stands out in the market and generates loyal customers.

Back Office Management

Back Office services cover a range of support functions, tailored to the needs of our customers. Record keeping, data management, monitoring of outstanding payments, as well as receiving and fulfilling orders are just some of our tasks that enable the achievement of high qualitative and quantitative indicators within tight timelines.
Our goal is the continuous improvement of the effectiveness, security and efficiency of the back office allowing external communication with customers to be even more effective and professional.