We collaborate with leading companies in the field of communication, offering contemporary solutions that make a difference. With the use of new technologies, we strengthen our commitment to our customers and contribute to the achievement of their goals.



A global leader in CTI (Computer-Telephony-Integration) with practically unlimited expansion possibilities with additional resources and with significant configuration possibilities to serve specific solutions. Our installation comes with the GCXI (Genesys Customer eXperience Insights) reporting platform that gives access to a huge volume of pre-built reports for all important metrics.


Eleveo (Zoom partner)

A powerful secure call recording platform with a simple yet effective interface, increased capabilities for access monitoring and a host of technical features and capabilities that rank it among the best products in its class.


ICAP Customized CRM

ICAP Contact Center's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an advanced technological solution that adapts to your needs. It maintains critical information, improves agents’ access to account details and interaction history, offering excellent service. It understands and personalizes support, improving customer experiences and increasing satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, it provides effective monitoring of issues and solutions over time, improving overall operation and increasing employee productivity.