Outbound operations

Drive sales, build brand loyalty and expand your customer base through our outbound call center functions.

Loyalty – Retention -Sales Campaigns

ICAP Contact Center emerges as a pioneer in the field of customer service, offering advanced services in Loyalty, Retention, and Sales Campaigns. The Loyalty service focuses on creating strong bonds between companies and customers, enhancing loyalty. In the area of Retention, we contribute to retaining your customers by implementing strategies and best practices that enhance your visibility. In addition, through Sales Campaigns, we promote effective and personalized sales campaigns, increasing sales and improving the competitiveness of your business.

Customer Acquisition

We offer comprehensive solutions that cover every aspect of the customer acquisition process. These include lead generation, effective appointment setting, customer acquisition through inbound and outbound communications, cross-selling and Re activation activities, as well as communication via telemarketing. In addition, we provide specialized services such as selection of target groups for businesses and telephone communication with decision makers. We aim for your absolute success by offering innovative solutions and specialized support.